Acme Trucking Lease Agreement

Hathcock does not argue that if he had chosen and designated a third party to drive his truck for Acme, that driver would not have been lawfully and properly regarded as an acme employee and would have been paid directly by Acme and not by Hathcock.   Nor does it dispute that if that had been the case, Acme would have been entitled to deduct from Hathcock`s rental audit all the personnel costs designated as such in the lease agreement.   Hathcock`s only claim here is that everything changes if the person who rents his truck to Acme drives it himself, that is, the employee costs borne by Acme when the owner drives cannot be reimbursed against that person who wears the hat of his owner. ACME Truck Line Hot Shot Company is one of the leaders in the truck industry in the United States and is spread across the country. This company has been around for over fifty years. Over the years, ACME employees have worked on the construction of a prestigious hot shot trucking store. You have to work for the company for a while before the benefits come into effect, but this is the standard procedure for most shipments.  Hathcock also relentlessly argues that even though acmes owner drivers are considered its employees, Acme nevertheless violates federal and state laws when it pays money from a landlord`s rental check to cover the employer`s FICA, FUTA, and SUTA tax costs.   The tax liabilities created by those provisions are the exclusive responsibility of employers19 The relevant provisions do not prohibit Acme`s practice of deducting those costs from the labour of its lessors.   Acme expressly deducts from the rental cheque which granted its lessors a fixed percentage of the drivers` salary to cover their costs related to the workers;  It does not deduct these contributions from the paycheques granted to their employees, including drivers.20 Although the articles of association delimit the functions of withholding and transferring these taxes as the employer`s responsibility vis-à-vis the tax authorities, they only prohibit the deduction of the employer`s share of these taxes from the employer`s “wages of a person in the employer”.

  The articles of association do not prohibit employers from reimbursing and deducting funds from independent contractors, suppliers, lessors or other non-employed persons to cover the costs related to such taxes by the employer.   Since the agreement in Acme`s lease agreement is not contrary to federal or state laws or regulations, let alone their respective public directives, Acme may legitimately deduct, in accordance with its contracts, part of its workers` expenses from its rents to landlords, even if Acme results from the employment of qua Drivers landlords. I totally agree with RAG Trucking! The corpus Domini terminal is! I had rented two trucks there for two and a half years and finally left. Almost bankrupt, still recovering.