Allied Shipbuilders Collective Agreement

Here are some of the collective agreements that cover our members. Members will find a copy of these agreements in the Members only section, under special messages. BC Shipyard Workers` Federation, BC Federation of Labour are calling on federal and provincial governments to overturn TransLink`s decision to build a $25 million Seabus ferry in Singapore with taxpayers` money; TransLink has turned down federal funding assistance of $2 million or more – cost BC Jobs – Investment To look for a job in the Trade Union of Industry (CIATU), master trade union offices or Allied Hydro Group, scroll to the end of this page. MacPherson stated that TransLink`s criteria for awarding the contract to Damen Shipyards Group (Netherlands, which will build the SeaBus in Singapore) were incorrect because they do not take into account the benefits of local economic benefits – estimated at more than $25 million – from the creation of apprenticeship positions in the sector, the imposition of all levels of government on wages and taxes on companies that lead to a bad decision on the companies that lead to a bad decision Contained. . BC Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair says the province and the federal government are responsible for TransLink`s decision and should overturn it. Columbia Hydro Constructors – Allied Hydro Council If you look at the overview, you see that the construction of the SeaBus in Singapore is simply dead,” said MacPherson. “You would think that a province with a BC-Jobs plan would plan to create jobs in BC, not Singapore” This program was specifically designed to combat predatory prices in low-cost countries with which Canada alone cannot compete, and would have reduced the price of Allied Shipbuilders in North Vancouver by $2 million or more. Sinclair and MacPherson say it is not too late for the federal and provincial governments to do the right thing and immediately reverse TransLink`s decision. Among the jobs listed in the Allied Hydro group are: AECON; Columbia Hydro Contractors; GE Renewable Energy Canada Inc., SNC Lavalin Constructions (Pacific) Inc. “It is surprising that after the federal government insisted on Canadian bids for the recent $8 billion purchase contract for SeaSpan-built supply ships in North Vancouver,” said Sinclair.

“Why build Canadian projects for some and give jobs to others with the same taxpayers` money?” The BC Shipyard General Workers` Federation represents approximately 1,600 workers in the shipbuilding, repair and maintenance industry. “And the federal government contributes about 90% of the cost of this SeaBus by paying public gas taxes to TransLink, but has not insisted that a Canadian shipyard or BC build this ship,” Sinclair said.