Cheese & Wine Tasting with Andy Swinscoe – Friday 2 November


Cheese & Wine Tasting with Andy Swinscoe – Friday 2 November @ 7:30 pm 

Andy and Kathy are multi-award winning cheesemongers  from Settle and now have a Cheese Museum, Cheese making room, Cheese counter and cafe at the Courtyard Diary near Austwick herunterladen. Andy will tell the stories behind each of the cheeses he brings and match them to a selection of wines for tasting from Buon Vino gifs herunterladen iphone. a ‘passionate natural wine merchant’, also from Settle.

Tickets are £15 per person

Contact your village rep for tickets or email

Village reps: Mark (770419), Ruth (770293), Sarah (770282) or Heather (770050)