Directv Espn Agreement`t-want-a-2-year-contract/ AT-T-Sprechein Kelly Starling simply stated that it could neither confirm nor deny reports that an agreement had been reached or was about to be concluded. Disney officials did not respond to questions. In the meantime, you`ve probably heard (or if you`re a subscriber) that AT-T and Disney are banging their elbows because the existing carriage deal between the two company giants is in their final days. What has not been reported is exactly when the current agreement expires, which could trigger the withdrawal of ESPN and other popular disney channels. First of all, the viewer warning does not mean that the channels are deleted. Disney and AT-T are negotiating a new promotional contract, which means they could sign a new pact before the current contract expires. And if they do, the channels will stay. ESPN`s contract with atT-T distributors expires at the end of September if no agreement is reached by then. Disney began launching the warning while Monday Night Football on ESPN last night. In a message to DirecTV subscribers, Disney wrote that “[S]o far AT-T has refused to enter into a fair market-based agreement with us, despite the fact that the terms we want are consistent with our recent market agreements with other distributors.” If I don`t see sports or espn. I`d drop the TV right away and I`d never make it again.

espn is so important. Excuse me, we do not know exactly when the current agreement will end, but it is probably September 30. (The existing agreement began on September 30, 2014.) AT-T issued a statement to USA Today that warned U-Verse subscribers that they could lose their own Disney channels in September. Unfortunately, no television operator is immune to such tactics. TEGNA has already threatened its chains or removed them from suppliers and returned them as soon as an agreement was reached. Breaking-@raycoletv tells me, with the exception of a last-minute agreement, the Disney/AT-T (directv) Carriage contract expires at midnight on Friday. These customers across the country will not have access to College Gameday or ESPN gms this weekend if the two companies do not insure in a statement that responds to the Disney Embassy, said a spokesman for ATT: “We are disappointed to see The Walt Disney Co. put their viewers in the middle of negotiations. We are on the side of choice and consumer value, and we want to keep Disney channels and our own local abc stations in eight cities in our customers` ranges.┬áIt`s up to them. Let them know that you don`t want to be caught in the middle of their tactics.

You can reach them on Twitter or Facebook or by phone at 703.873.6600. This is good news for college football fans, who can now enjoy their football this weekend on ESPN without fear of a possible blackout.