Littondale Fete

Remember Littondale Fete will be held on the village green in Arncliffe on Saturday 8th August from 1pm.

There will be the usual attractions for all the family to enjoy including Skipton Brass Band, tea and scrumptious cakes, yummy hotdogs and lots of fun stuff to watch and take part in – the Fell Races and our Road Race (supported by Leeds City Athletics Club), the Littondale ‘4’ returns this year.

On a gentler note, the children’s Fancy Dress takes the theme: Heroes and Heroines and there will be the usual children’s races to have a go at. There’s still plenty of time to work on your muscles and technique to enter the Strong Man or Woman Challenges on the day… Look out for the Second Guess in the pubs, have a guess at the seconds of the best time for the Strong Man Challenge.

Residents in the Littondale Parishes are invited to create a display to depict the theme of “Family Milestones” comprising the following elements
A. Floral Art​​​​
B. Painting or Drawing​​​​
C. Photography​​​
D. Decorated Egg
E. Needle, Felting​​​ or Wool Work
F. Cake Decorating (dummy may be used)
G. 3 items of edible Littondale garden produce
H. 4 muffins. Any variety.
I. Hand Writing (details of the verse to follow). Please state age if under 16 years old.

Maximum of two entries per section.
The crafts should be clearly marked A-I together with the name of the craft (for example A -floral art, B– painting, if more than one entry per section, please label as follows A -Floral 1, A – Floral 2)

Max dimensions of display 1m x 1m x 1m (to be strictly enforced this year, so please check your measurements)

Any material that runs over the external walls i.e. the top edges of the side and back walls of the exhibit must be within the 1m x 1m x 1m size.

The exhibits will be displayed on the stage (as last year) and must be benched by 11am.

We still need people to lend a hand with the Fete – organising beforehand and doing on the day, making cakes and help in the tea room, help running the stalls and car park and we’d be really grateful for prizes to donate for the Silent Auction or bric-a-brac and books to sell on the day. If you can offer any help to make this traditional annual Littondale event happen please do get in touch. Email, send us a message on the Amerdale Hall Facebook page or contact the village reps – see below for details.

We will meet in the Queens on Tuesday 4th August at 8pm to make the final arrangements – please come along if you can help make this annual event happen. All help welcome!

Hawkswick – Hannah 770173
Arncliffe – Hannah 770498
Litton – Ruth 770293
Halton Gill & Foxup – Mark 770419 / 07860 445578