Summary Of Lease Agreement

Paragraph #43 ESTOPPEL CERTIFICATE: The tenant undertakes to sign a document attesting that the lease is in force. Paragraph #30 COMMUNITY PROVISIONS: if the property is part of a HOA or Condo Association, the tenant must comply with all the rules, regulations and restrictions of the association or be held responsible for violations of the rental agreement and fines. Lessor to provide the tenant with a copy of the documents. Paragraph #31 OBLIGATIONS OF THE TENANT WITH REGARD TO USE AND OCCUPATION: (Long – carefully read) The tenant must maintain and maintain the property inside and outside. The tenant prohibits the use of illicit drugs or activities on the site. Paragraph #32 TENANT RESTRICTIONS FOR ANY MODIFICATION OF THE PROPERTY / MODIFICATIONS: The tenant may not redevelop, delete or modify with the prior written permission of the owner. The property must be restored upon evacuation of the tenant to its original condition, unless the owner/agent agrees to what it is. paragraph #33 inclusions/exclusions: checklist of the elements contained. Paragraph #34 SUPPLY CONTRACT: Check the list of who pays for which utility companies.

Paragraph #35 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR: (Long – carefully read) Describes what the landlord pays and what the tenant must maintain and pay. Also lists restrictions. Paragraph #44 BANKRUPTCY: new rules pending. If the tenant declares bankruptcy, the lease ends and the tenant evacuates the premises. Paragraph #45 RENT INCREASES: after the initial term, the landlord may increase the rent by announcing the tenant 60 days in advance. To pay on time is to accept. If the tenant does not agree, he must return the intention to evacuate 30 days in advance. All communications must be labelled in writing. Paragraph #46 TERMINATION BY THE LESSOR/AGENT WITHIN THE DEPARTURE PERIOD: If the tenant significantly violates the rental agreement, the lessor may terminate by giving the tenant 30 days` written notice. Paragraph #47 THE RIGHT OF THE LESSOR/AGENT TO RE-RENT THE PROPERTY: If the tenant violates the rental agreement or renounces the property, the lessor may again rent the property on reasonable terms. The tenant remains responsible for the relocation costs and any difference in the amount of rent received. Paragraph #36 WATER / HUMIDITY / MOLD: describes the tenant`s responsibility in case of water, moisture, leaks and mold.

(Read carefully) Paragraph #37 RENTAL RESTRICTIONS FOR PETS: indicates whether pets are allowed or not and, if so, a separate pet supplement must be signed. Paragraph #38 MEANING OF COMMUNICATIONS BY THE TENANT AND THE LANDLORD/AGENT: All communications must be made in writing. Paragraph #39 FUEL/PROPANE: If a property uses oil or propane for heat, the owner has a service contract at the Brenner and the tenant is responsible for purchasing oil or propane from that company. The tenant receives the property with a full tank and must leave the tank full when moving. Paragraph #40 ACTIVE MILITARY SERVICE: standard “military clause” if the tenant is in the army. Paragraph #41 LEAD COLOR – APPLICABLE LAW: Required by Maryland Law. The owner must initially elements that apply to the age of the property. The tenant must have the first end of the paragraph. Paragraph #42 SUB-REGULATION: The landlord may want to refinance and must confirm the tenant in writing. Paragraph #48 TERMINATION BY THE TENANT IN THE INITIAL PERIOD: If the tenant voluntarily terminates the lease before the end, he must do so 60 days in advance, is responsible for the entire rent until a new tenant is found and is responsible for all relocation costs, including brokerage fees, advertising and preparation of premises. Paragraph #52 HEIRS AND BENEFICIARIES OF THE ASSIGNMENT ARE BOUND BY THE RENTAL AGREEMENT: the rental conditions are binding on all heirs, personal representatives, successors and beneficiaries of the lessor / agent and tenant. Paragraph #53 CONTROLLING LAW: The Rental Agreement shall be construed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland.

Paragraph #54 TENANTS AND LANDLORDS MAY SETTLE DISPUTES: Tenant and landlord/agent agree to settle all disputes under this rental agreement. Paragraph #55 “TIME IS ESSENTIAL” APPLIES TO THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT, paragraph #56 JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY: all tenants who sign this rental agreement are also liable (jointly and severally) and are responsible for full performance under all conditions of the rental agreement. . . .