Sysinternals License Agreement Registry

All Sysinternals tools are offered “as we will see” without official Microsoft support. Microsoft runs a community support forum ( dedicated to sysinternals, where you can report errors and request new features. Please note that since this software is distributed in Quebec , Canada, some of the clauses contained in this agreement are contained below in French. This agreement outlines certain rights. You may have other rights under the laws of your country. You may also have rights to the part you purchased the software from. This agreement does not change their rights under the laws of your country if the laws of your country do not allow it. The system account is HKEY_USERS. DEFAULT section of the record for all the settings it should use.

These licensing terms are an agreement between Sysinternals (a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation) and you. Please read it. They apply to the software you download through, including the media you received them from, if any. The conditions also apply to all Sysinternals Please note that, like other debugging tools that collect “process status” information, files stored by interface tools may contain personally identifiable information or other confidential information (such as usernames, passwords, paths to accessible files, and accessible registration paths). By using this software, you recognize that you are aware of it and assume sole responsibility for any identifiable or sensitive personal information provided to Microsoft or any other party through your use of the Software. Can I validate or reuse a Sysinternals source code? The software is licensed “as we see it.” You take the risk of using it. Sysinternals does not provide explicit guarantees, guarantees or conditions. You may have additional consumer rights in accordance with your local laws that cannot be changed by this agreement. To the extent that your local laws allow, sysinternals excludes unspoken guarantees of market accessibility, suitability for a specific purpose and non-counterfeiting. Note that some sysinternal utilities have not yet been updated to support the /accepteula switch. For these utilities, you may need to manually define the option that indicates acceptance. You can do this with a command line such as the next, which creates an EulaAccepted registration value in the utility registration key in the sysinternals software branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER of registration on Server1: The software is allowed, not sold.